Holiday Bundles

We love the holidays! It’s time to celebrate the color green! And it’s the time of year when lots of people bring trees into the house, and they get lit! Oh, and who doesn’t get excited seeing all that holiday glassware come out of the china cabinet like those festive bowls?! When you combine all that with the delicious edibles, the merry-making bubbly beverages, and those unmistakable smells, it’s no surprise that all of us at Bud Bus just adore the holiday season and the abundant opportunities for cannabis double entendres that come with it.
And something else that comes along this time of year? Holiday bundles! Don’t worry. Ours don’t require a chimney. But there will be something blazing and smoke rising! Am I right? Sorry. Our bundles mean big savings for you, whether it’s a gift for you or someone else.

There’s our Santa’s Sleeping Bag Bundle that includes a Happy Valley Melon Baller 3.5 gram pre-roll multi-pack, a Levia Dream seltzer, a Sira Naturals Indica Boomstick infused pre-roll, a South Shore Buds Original Glue pre-roll, an eighth of Tower 3 Ice Cream Zkittlez flower and a pack of Camino Midnight gummies, ALL for $125! The best bargain south of the North pole!

Or try our Drink and Be Merry Bundle, and you’ll be rethinking your holiday nog. For $110, you get a six-pack of Cann Blood Orange seltzers, a Levia Pomegranate Punch seltzer, a Cantrip Watermelon Mint seltzer, a package of Jammies strawberry gummies, a Cherry Sorbetto pre-roll, a package of Nova Farm’s Watermelon Jolt Hashables and a Coast Cannabis Orange Soda vape cart! I feel merrier having just typed that!

Then we have our favorite because it involves a holiday pun / double entendre, and it rhymes. You’ll say son of a nutcracker. That’s sweet! It’s our Sleigh the Day Bundle! It’s Levia Achieve seltzer, a Lowell Smokes Creative 3.5-gram pre-roll multipack, a Dionysus 5-gram multi-pack, an eighth of NF1 flower, and a pack of Camino wild cherry gummies, all for $125!

We can’t wait to pull up to your place in our all-wheel drive sleigh and find your wandering eyes peering excitedly from the front window. Don’t worry about changing from your jammies on our account! Get all the details at, and have a fantastic Holiday season!!

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