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Looking for a dispensary near you this 420? Look no further than Bud Bus! Enjoy amazing deals on your favorite products from 4/20 to 4/22, including 25% off on all Kiva Brands and 15% off on Fernway Vapes. And for those in Boston, Boston Weed Delivery is available for your convenience.

SSB Preroll multi pack - 30% off

South Shore Buds is offering a 30% discount on their preroll multipacks, curated from the best cultivators in the state. Stock up on high-quality cannabis at unbeatable prices today.

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420 special all Kiva products 25% Off

Lost Farms

Celebrate 420 with Loft Farm’s full-spectrum gummies – now just $21 (previously $28)! Available for delivery to the boston area

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Camino Gummies

Elevate your 420 with mood-enhancing Camino cannabis gummies – $17.25 (previously $23) and available for delivery! Order now for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Check out the rest of products from Kiva

Don’t miss out on our Petra mints, Terra chocolate bites, and award-winning Kiva chocolates – all 25% off! Shop now and let Bud Bus deliver 420 to you!

Fernway 420 Special - 15% off

Elevate your life with Fernway’s award winning vape products – now 15% off for our 420 deal! Let Bud Bus delivery your Vapes to you!

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Levia 420 special - 10% Off

Toast to a new cannabis experience this 420 with Levia’s seltzers and tinctures – now 10% off! And remember, don’t drink and drive – let Bud Bus deliver these delicious weed seltzers straight to you. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and elevate your 420 celebration with Levia’s cannabis-infused seltzers and tinctures.

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Papi Cannbis 420 Special - 10% off

Immerse yourself in Caribbean terpene-rich flavors and get ready for some Tropical transcendence. Whether you’re winding up, winding down or simply going with the flow, Papi’s got you covered.

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Check out more 420 specials from Revolutionary Clinics

old Pal 420 Special - 10% off

Get ready to roll into the 420 holiday with a special offer! Enjoy 10% off on all Old Pal ready-to-roll pre-ground flower, and let the weed delivery jokes roll in too.

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Nimbus 420 Special - 10%off

Get ready for a high-flying 420 celebration with a special offer! Enjoy 10% off on all Nimbus vape and flower products.

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Cresco 420 specials- 10%off

Good News

Spread the good news this 420 with 10% off Good News vape products – created for great moments with the crew!

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Mindy's Edibles

Elevate your edible experience this 420 with Mindy’s award-winning creations – now just $22.50 (previously $25)!

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Get 10% off Cultivate concentrates and vapes all week long!

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High Supply

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal and elevate your smoking experience with High Supply today! 10% Off all High Supply products!

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