Bud Bus Pride

One of the things about the cannabis community we love most is all the different people we get to meet.  There’s no one type, no single kind, of person who gets delivery from BudBus. No matter where you come from or where we’re going, no matter how you dress or what you drive or what […]

The Weekly Bud Bus: Just The Nuggets You Need… Delivered!

Nothing says Mother’s Day like flowers – or flower – and we’ve got you covered with both here at Bud Bus! We’re pampering the moms in your life with some mom-pleasing Mother’s Day prices on delights that destress. We’re set to hit the road Sunday and bring mom a different little bundle of joy. Our […]

The Weekly Bud: Just The Nuggets Delivered

Free flowers coming! Details to follow, but first, from the bottom of our big Bud hearts – Thank you! Our first big event – the first of many – 420, was a huge success Saturday! It was all thanks to our amazing partners and vendors, talented entertainers, incredible staff, and our hometown of Marshfield, our […]