Largest Beverage Selection In The State!

Labor Day is almost here and all of us have been drinking less here at Bud Bus.  We all agree that alcohol leaves us feeling, to use the technical term, really blahhh.  But as we all know, when it comes to long weekends and backyard barbecues, beer and all manners of bottles of booze all still seem to be a big part of the party.  We get it. You don’t want to smoke or pop an edible.  You want something to hold and casually sip in a social setting. Something, it just so happens, that might make you more sociable! And without that blahhh feeling the next day! Not to mention the sugar!


Those sippable somethings are of course, weed drinks, cannabis drinks, cannabis seltzers, some in a bottle, some in a can, but whatever you call em’, they should be part of your party plan! And we have the largest selection in the entire state, for every taste and every level of fan!  Whatever you have going on this Labor Day weekend, it’s the perfect time to stock up on beverages, and get them delivered, with Bud Bus!


If you’re looking for something low dose with CBD, to help you chill ever so slightly,  try CANN tonics. They’re flavor is unmatched and they’ve got 4mgCBD / 2mg of THC per can.  With a little less CBD,  we’ve got 3:2 seltzers from Canntrip that are fast acting and have only 8 calories.  Or get some Good Feels in a bottle! Their seltzers are also fast acting with a ratio of 3:2, and come in a wide variety of tasty flavors!


If you’re looking for that aforementioned social occasion drink, one that’ll give you a nice little buzz and an overall delightful feeling, Hi-5 makes a fantastic fast acting seltzer available in 4 packs of multiple flavors.  Or grab a few cans of one of Levia’s Hybrid flavors.  Levia also has some great effect based seltzers; ones for late in the day and ones for when you need a little pick me up!  Or if you need a pick me up, you can also try a new Hi-5 Energy! All of them, Levias and Hi-5’s, contain 5mg per serving. 


Plus we’ve got tinctures and mix -ins that you can use to up the strength of any of our cannabis beverages or to give one of your own at home, a little, or big, kick of cannabis.  Like strawberry lemonade from Kalm Fusion and Peach Tangerine Tea from Vibrations Cannabis.  


So when you meet friends this weekend, maybe from the city,  and they see you sipping something yummy, and ask, “what’s that? “What’s the Boston dispensary near me with the best selection of those?” or “what’s the best dispensary near me, Boston, or anywhere in Massachusetts for those?”  Tell them you shopped the biggest selection in the state from the comfort of your couch with Bud Bus. All you had to do was open the door.  And when they ask, and they will  ask,  “what about weed delivery near me? As in Boston weed delivery?” Let em’ know it’s the same buds from Bud Bus! Browse the biggest cannabis beverage selection in the state with the Bud Bus App or online at!

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