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The Magic Unleashed: Khalifa Kush & Khalifa Mints Take Center Stage!

What’s up, fellow cannabis enthusiasts? We’ve got some seriously legendary stuff to talk about today – the one and only Khalifa Kush and the latest sensation, Khalifa Mints!


Picture this: In the early ’10s, Wiz Khalifa was on a mission to create the perfect strain that matched his personal taste. And voila, Khalifa Kush (KK) was born! For years, he kept KK close, sharing it only with his inner circle in the heart of Los Angeles.


But, like any true artist, Wiz wanted to share his masterpiece with the world. In 2014, he made the magic official, and KK hit the shelves for everyone to enjoy. The journey didn’t end there, though. They’ve spent four years crafting a full line of products, so you can experience the enchantment of KK in various forms – flower, pre-rolls, and more!


Now, let’s talk about the new kid on the block – Khalifa Mints! Handpicked by Wiz himself, this phenomenal strain (KK x The Menthol) is the result of a perfect cross with a minty fresh twist.
Once a hidden gem in the hallways of Compound Genetics, Khalifa Mints gained a cult following for its unique profile, appearance, and taste. Trust us, the flavor profile is out of this world – a combination of classic OG gas, creamy gelato, and a refreshing minty menthol kick. And the high? Oh, it’s an experience you’ll crave again and again! Powerful and long-lasting, yet uplifting and cerebral, Khalifa Mints is perfect for any occasion – day or night.


The journey to a world where everyone can smoke like Wiz continues, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride! Get ready to elevate your cannabis game and bask in the glow of Khalifa Kush and Khalifa Mints! Get yours for delivery now, with Bud Bus!


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