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Unveiling New Heights: Unmissable Price Drops on Premium Strains!

You’re likely aware of the thrill that comes with embarking on a journey to discover new strains. However, imagine an even more satisfying scenario: when those top-notch strains undergo a price reduction while maintaining their exceptional quality! From 8/25 through 8/30, enjoy these amazing prices on select strains: 3.5g/$25.00, 14g/$99.00, 1 oz/$175.00. Today, let’s meander through the assortment of strains and explore this fantastic lineup. So, grab some snacks, get comfortable, and let’s get right into it!


Let’s introduce you to Chocolate OG from High Supply, an indica strain that’s just as indulgent as its name suggests! Crafted by the genius minds at THClones, this delectable wonder is the offspring of True OG and Chocolate Rain. With its predominantly indica genetic makeup, it’s all about unwinding, a sensation that intensifies with every toke. But wait, there’s an added element – a joyful euphoria accompanies it, complemented by lively citrus and grapefruit fragrances courtesy of True OG’s influence. And when you ignite it, brace yourself for a symphony of cheesy and nutty flavors that will leave your taste buds in a joyful frenzy. Chocolate OG isn’t just a strain; it’s a delightful indulgence that will leave you yearning for more. So, why wait? Take a puff and let the chocolaty goodness transport you to new realms of relaxation and taste.


Prepare to be entranced by Sugar Plum Sunset, another remarkable indica from the High Supply collection. This strain is akin to a harmonious dance between Bubba Kush genetics, where the funky vibes of Pre-98 Bubba Kush blend seamlessly with the delightful florals of Katsu Bubba’s phenotype mother. Adorned with its captivating purple hues and copious trichomes, Sugar Plum Sunset is a visual delight. However, its allure isn’t just skin-deep – this strain brings about a well-rounded relaxation that soothes both the mind and body, minus the weighty sedation. It’s an experience that envelops you in a comforting embrace without coaxing you into a nap.


Say hello to Gastropop, a sativa strain from High Supply. This strain has a remix of flavors, where Apples & Bananas join forces with Grape Gas to create an unforgettable encounter. And guess what? There’s a complete array of Gastropop phenotypes, with #5 and #28 taking center stage. Regard Grape Gas as the standout figure in this lineage – its excellence is so exceptional that Compound Genetics crowned it as part of their esteemed “royal family” of strains. But the true star? Gastropop commands attention with its aesthetics, theatrics, and a spicy, sugary, grape-infused aroma that’s reminiscent of a fizzy purple burst for your senses. Get prepared to unleash a world of flavor and amusement!


Ever dreamt of reaching for the stars while lounging in your living space? Well, Supernova from High Supply is here to turn that dream into reality, and now at an even more wallet-friendly price! This hybrid strain offers a cosmic blend of relaxation and inspiration, leaving you with a sense of marvel that’s truly otherworldly. It’s the kind of high that elevates your spirit while simultaneously keeping you grounded.


If your taste buds yearn for flavors that waltz upon your palate, then Original Mandarin Cookies from High Supply is here to satisfy your desires. This hybrid delight fuses the zesty tang of mandarins with the comforting nostalgia of freshly baked cookies. And now, with a reduction in price, you can relish those citrusy and sweet vibes without straining your budget. It’s a feast for your senses and your finances!


Imagine a match crafted in the heavens of cannabis pairings – G25 x Do Si Dos from Glorious Cannabis Co. marries the soothing embrace of an indica with the well-balanced allure of a hybrid. And guess what? The reduced price renders this duo even more captivating. Picture yourself unwinding after a long day, the burdens melting away, while your thoughts dance with sparks of creativity. It’s akin to a calming symphony for your senses.


Infuse your cannabis journey with a dash of excitement through the tantalizing Chili Verde! With the recent decrease in price, this hybrid strain from Bask becomes even more enticing. Envision yourself immersed in a sensory fiesta, where herbal notes blend harmoniously with a touch of zest. It’s akin to treating your taste buds to a vacation, and let me assure you, they’ll be grateful.


So there you have it, fellow voyagers of the cannabis realm! With these exhilarating price adjustments, you can elevate your experience without denting your finances. Whether you’re drawn to the soothing embrace of indica, the invigorating spark of sativa, or the harmonious equilibrium of hybrids, there’s a strain waiting to captivate your senses. Go on and pamper yourself with a touch of verdant enchantment, and always remember: cannabis embodies relaxation, creativity, and a fresh perspective on the world. Indulge responsibly and keep those positive vibes flowing! Order your same day delivery now. We park, you spark!


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